Product Lines

Beeswax, personal care items and more

Rich, healthful sweetness comes only from apis mellifera - the honeybee. Raising bees is a challenge in upstate New York, but we are commited to better bee hives. We tend colonies of bees who are productive, healthy and overwinter naturally without chemicals.

Our Original product

What a mouthfull! This is where it all started. Our beautiful hens and ducks represent rare and heritage breeds. They lay delicious eggs in a wide range of colors - shades of peach, chocolate, olive and blue. The rich orange yolks reveal a superior diet. 

New for the 2019 season

New for 2019! Get seasonally available potted herbs and salad kits. Fragrant herbs make great house plants, especially when kept in the kitchen. Organically raised salad kits have everything you need to make a healthful meal - just add your favorite dressing.

Sweet, productive dairy goats

We started our herd in 2017 with two adorable baby does, who are now known as Peaches and Star. We chose the Nubian breed for their milking capacity and their long puppy-like ears. Out girls are very tame - they love to be pet and scratched behind the ears.