Registered Nubian Goats

We started our herd in 2017 with two adorable baby does, who are now known as Peaches and Star. We chose the Nubian breed for their milking capacity and their long puppy-like ears. Out girls are very tame - they love to be pet and scratched behind the ears. 

Why are Nubian goats totally awesome?

  • The ears
  • They are big and strong
  • Lots of different colors
  • High butterfat content


How can I get my own goat?

We are expecting kids in late sprintg and looking forward to putting these lovely ladies in dairy production. We focus on strength and milking abilities in our breeding program, as well as temperment. Our goats are delightful, gentle and a pleasure to work with. Learn more about our current breeding program. Fill out our kid reservation form.

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